Cinema: Why The Front Row Is The Best Row

A standard cinema

I know this is my blog, but this is a topic that I really feel passionately about. This is a personal post, and so I will completely understand if you disagree… 

However, I should let it be known right now that the front row, right in the middle, is the best area of the cinema, period. For the record, I’m not referring to the premium seats that are usually directly below the screen. Honestly, those seats are painful to sit in. I’m talking about the first row of standard seats. Here’s why;

  1. Extra legroom. When you choose to sit in these seats, you will quickly notice how much extra space you have over everyone else, because there is a bar in front of you, whereas all the other seats have chairs in front. Not only is this perfect for long films, but it’s great in general as you can access your seats from the middle of the row, or if there is no bar, just by walking to the front. 
  2. Surround sound. When you look around the room from this position, you will quickly realise you are right at the centre of the room, thus the surround sound speakers in the cinema will have the best effect on you. 
  3. Access. Ever been to see a film and realised far too late that it’s 5 hours long and there’s no break? Well when you sit in the front row, you’ll find it quickest and easiest to hop back and forth between the toilet and your seat. This also doubles as useful when the credits start rolling, everyone except the after-credits-scene-watchers will rush to the exit, but you will already be there as you were at the front. 
  4. They’re always free. Mostly everyone hates the front row of a cinema, so if your local picture palace has reserved seating, you are virtually guaranteed to be able to claim the front row. 
  5. Virtual reality. This is my favourite reason for sitting in the front row, especially in the central seats (Preferably the middle seat). If you sit in the front row, you’re at the perfect distance to the projection of the film to lay your head in the headrest. What I mean by this is that if you lean your head back into the headrest, and look at the screen, it almost completely encapsulates your vision, meaning greater immersion in the film (in my opinion). When my entire vision is covered by a movie, it becomes more immersive. In a similar way to how VR makes you feel. Try it! It works! 
  6. Sexual activity. The further towards the front you are, the further away you are from anybody engaging in any sexual activities. You heard me, it happens. People do the dirty in the cinema, but luckily for us in the front, we don’t have to deal with it due to distance. This also applies to my next point..
  7. Throwing. The further forward you are, the less likely someone is going to throw things at you. You know this happens, whether it’s an immature adults handful of popcorn or a toy that came with a child’s meal, in a crowded cinema there will always be a few people throwing things. You can mostly avoid that by sitting at the front. 
  8. Stairs. If you are sitting anywhere apart from the front row, you have to climb stairs. I prefer not to have to climb stairs if possible. It’s also a plus for anybody with a disability, as they would need to sit as close to the front as possible. 

In conclusion, it doesn’t really matter which seats you choose to sit on in the cinema. If you can see why I believe the front seats (specifically the five in the centre) are the best seats, great! If not, keep using whichever seating you love the most, it will only mean that the front seats are available for me! 

2 thoughts on “Cinema: Why The Front Row Is The Best Row

  1. Recently I went to a movie festival. Five days in the middle of front row (mostly center seat, sometimes one or two seats away). Yes, front row is the best.

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