Nature: Why We Should Encourage Everyone To Go Outside

A forest path

When was the last time we all decided to take a trip outside? Was it the brief encapsulation of the world over Pokemon Go? Is it due to the weather? Do we only go outside when it suits us? 

There are many Possible reasons as to why one might not examine nature as often as one should, but all is not lost in the world. 

Going outside, getting fresh air, it’s all part of life, and without it we are all just people stressing out over every little detail in our lives. 

Sometimes, taking a long, light stroll can be all the exercise you need, so enjoying your surroundings is one of the best things you can do to discover nature. 

As it stands, in England (where I was born, and continue to reside) there are still many beautiful places that can be visited, most free of charge, that are especially lovely to spend some time in. 

I remember one place near an army base, a pond, but a large one. Designated as a fishing pond, you were supposed to own a some kind of permit to visit/fish there, but my friends and I used to visit often enough, with hours to miss the locals. 

It was beautiful! You could hear, see and smell nature in a way lost to most. 

We humans are this intelligent animal that has for millions of years evolved in nature! It is only recently that people have become the workaholics that we see all over the world. 

Even in schools you will find that every year the children are given more homework to complete, to the point where these children are spending 8 hours a day at school studying, and a further 3/4 hours at home completing the homework! 

We are not built for such stresses! 

When you are stressed to this kind of extent, one of the most natural ways to make yourself feel better, surprise surprise, go for a walk! 

Everyone spends hours inside their own heads, analysing things that have happened and things that are even, yet to happen. But we are really only existing this moment. We can look back on anything in our past, but our past isn’t us. It doesn’t define us. 

Did you know, that research conducted at the University of Essex shows that the colour green actually makes your body feel less stressed. That’s right, the colour most assosciated with nature, makes you feel naturally less stressed. The study, compared cyclists, who were facing a coloured board. When the board was green, the cyclists found that the exercising felt easier (when actually, it was the same). 

Another study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, states that taking a casual stroll increases creative production. 

Another reason you might want to spend time outside, The Sun! One of the major vitamins the human body needs to survive is Vitamin D, and it’s particularly hard to find in foods. However, it is found in the rays of the sun, so take a light stroll in the daytime and you’ll absorb most of the Vitamin D you need for the day. Vitamin D deficiency is no joke, and can be seriously harmful to your health and overall well being. 

Whatever the reason, everyone should be spending plenty of time outside. I know there are many things in everyone’s lives that can affect the time with which you spend outside, but always try to spend a little time there. Or, more specifically, if you’re feeling down, go for a walk, find a nice secluded spot and take it all in. 

Absorb nature, soak it up. You’ll feel much better for it in the long run! 

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