A large obnoxious photo of my face.

My name is Alexander Meredith. You can call me Alex, if you like:

I am a musician, primarily.

I love to write music. Usually serious pieces on my own, and comedic ones when I write with my friends. I especially love to sing, and would say I am rather lucky to be able to.

I enjoy problem solving, which is why I enjoy mathematics and find programming so intriguing. I would not say I’m very qualified at it, though.

More recently, I have discovered Martial Arts and their benefits. I study Shotokan Karate, in which I hold a modest Yellow belt (7th Kyu). I absolutely adore Karate, especially Shotokan, for exactly the reasons that most people dislike it. I enjoy its spiritual side, even though it is barely present. It helps with my breathing. An awful lot of people take the moves that are practiced in Shotokan at face value, rather than the reading-between-the-lines approach that our Kata’s teach. Something about Martial Arts training makes me want to move to a wooden shack in the mountains and train all day.

I like to write, too, and have always dreamed of releasing a book one day in the future. I have no qualms about writing for a website, but there is something beautiful about reading from a book.

I used to love to act, but I haven’t had many opportunities to do so in recent years. I would very much like to start that up again.

I think Podcasting is my current favourite form of Media. I am looking to start one again or to participate in one whenever possible.

I am very interested in TV and Film, watching it as much as making it. For many years, Gladiator was my favourite film, until about a month ago when one of my best friends introduced me to the wonders of Grand Budapest.

Lastly, when I was younger, and more outrageous, my friends wrote a little song for me. You should all know this one;

Meredith, Meredith, does whatever a Meredith does. Can he smoke on a spliff, yes he can because he’s Meredith. Look out, here comes Meredith.

If you need to get in touch for any reason, you can!



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