Health: The Unbelievable effect of Multivitamins

Multivitamin tablets

Firstly, I have to say I have no affiliation with anything. I’m not getting paid for anything I say (which some would argue is probably for the best). I am only writing what I feel. 

Recently in my life, I wanted to change something. I was feeling down, with very little energy, and I wanted to try and give myself a boost. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and in some of these, amongst many other sources, I hear people talking about how great they feel, just in general, and I wanted a piece of that action. 

It seems that if you choose the right diet, you could feel much better in everyday life as well. 
It had never occurred to me at all that having a perfectly balanced diet might give one more energy or more vitality or something along those lines. And I’m not suggesting that you need a perfectly balanced diet literally all the time. But you do definitely need a relatively balanced diet to function properly at your peak. 

In the spirit of trying to maximise my potential, and operate at my ‘peak’…

I realised one simple thing that people can do to make themselves feel significantly better each day. Forget about everything else that you have in your diet and your life for a second. 

One of the worst parts of having a consistently bad diet is the potential of generating dietary deficiencies. These are disorders and diseases that occur from lack of essnetial nutrients – essentially not getting enough of those vitamins and minerals that literally keep your body ticking. 

Simply taking a single multivitamin tablet like Centrum, or if you’re using the standard store bought tablets, the ‘Vitamin C & Zinc’ and ‘Vitamin B Complex’ tablets, and one Cod Liver Oil & Fish Oil tablet, will make you feel far better each day than if you hadn’t had them.

The Vitamins mentioned above. The store bought vitamins were in this case from Morrisons.

Having never taken any supplements ever in my life, for the last month I have been taking just one Centrum a day, and one Cod Liver Oil & Fish Oil tablet.

That’s two tablets a day. Three if you’re taking the store brand tablets. 

That’s not bad at all! 

Let me tell you a little story…

A few months ago, I injured my knee. 

I was sparring with my friend, and when we finished, I felt my knee go. 

For about a week, I could hardly walk.

After the week passed, I was able to walk fine without pain, but I had lost noticeable function in my leg, knee especially. 

It’s been three months now, and it hasn’t improved much at all. During those first two months I was very down about it, and therefore my diet suffered tremendously.

During the third month, which was also this last month, the only change I made from the prior two months was the Multivitamin, and Cod Liver Oil tablets. 

During this month, the damage that I had taken to my knee has almost completely recovered! My knee and leg in general feel much more relaxed and bouncy, and the cold doesn’t make it seize up anymore! 

All this power, all this change, and all I had done was take some vitamins! It’s unbelievable! 

I was worried I might have permanently damaged my knee, with no hope of full function again, but I was so wrong. 

Trying to explain how much better I feel since taking these tablets is strange. 

You know that feeling you get when you have a good cup of coffee, and you slowly get that energy and it feels great, right?

Well since I have been taking these vitamins, I have essentially felt like that constantly. 

I have so much energy in the day! I find myself faster, more productive, and more easy going. 

Everything in my life has been enhanced as a result. My digestion, my energy levels, my stress levels..

All of these have had beneficial changes as a result of taking only these vitamins! 

People say that you should take these every day anyway, but until I finally got on board, I had no idea. 

Honestly, they’re great. I feel better than ever. I have more energy than before. I feel lucky to have discovered the benefits of these, and I wanted to share them with whoever reads this! 

You can grab multivitamins in any supermarket, down the medicines aisle. 

It doesn’t matter who you choose, either of the supermarket own brands will do just fine. 

So just remember, 

  • One Cod Liver & Fish Oil tablet each day. 
  • One Vitamin C & Zinc tablet each day. 
  • One Vitamin B Complex tablet each day. 

and you will hopefully feel so much better in everyday life! 

Nature: Why We Should Encourage Everyone To Go Outside

A forest path

When was the last time we all decided to take a trip outside? Was it the brief encapsulation of the world over Pokemon Go? Is it due to the weather? Do we only go outside when it suits us? 

There are many Possible reasons as to why one might not examine nature as often as one should, but all is not lost in the world. 

Going outside, getting fresh air, it’s all part of life, and without it we are all just people stressing out over every little detail in our lives. 

Sometimes, taking a long, light stroll can be all the exercise you need, so enjoying your surroundings is one of the best things you can do to discover nature. 

As it stands, in England (where I was born, and continue to reside) there are still many beautiful places that can be visited, most free of charge, that are especially lovely to spend some time in. 

I remember one place near an army base, a pond, but a large one. Designated as a fishing pond, you were supposed to own a some kind of permit to visit/fish there, but my friends and I used to visit often enough, with hours to miss the locals. 

It was beautiful! You could hear, see and smell nature in a way lost to most. 

We humans are this intelligent animal that has for millions of years evolved in nature! It is only recently that people have become the workaholics that we see all over the world. 

Even in schools you will find that every year the children are given more homework to complete, to the point where these children are spending 8 hours a day at school studying, and a further 3/4 hours at home completing the homework! 

We are not built for such stresses! 

When you are stressed to this kind of extent, one of the most natural ways to make yourself feel better, surprise surprise, go for a walk! 

Everyone spends hours inside their own heads, analysing things that have happened and things that are even, yet to happen. But we are really only existing this moment. We can look back on anything in our past, but our past isn’t us. It doesn’t define us. 

Did you know, that research conducted at the University of Essex shows that the colour green actually makes your body feel less stressed. That’s right, the colour most assosciated with nature, makes you feel naturally less stressed. The study, compared cyclists, who were facing a coloured board. When the board was green, the cyclists found that the exercising felt easier (when actually, it was the same). 

Another study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, states that taking a casual stroll increases creative production. 

Another reason you might want to spend time outside, The Sun! One of the major vitamins the human body needs to survive is Vitamin D, and it’s particularly hard to find in foods. However, it is found in the rays of the sun, so take a light stroll in the daytime and you’ll absorb most of the Vitamin D you need for the day. Vitamin D deficiency is no joke, and can be seriously harmful to your health and overall well being. 

Whatever the reason, everyone should be spending plenty of time outside. I know there are many things in everyone’s lives that can affect the time with which you spend outside, but always try to spend a little time there. Or, more specifically, if you’re feeling down, go for a walk, find a nice secluded spot and take it all in. 

Absorb nature, soak it up. You’ll feel much better for it in the long run! 

Cinema: Why The Front Row Is The Best Row

A standard cinema

I know this is my blog, but this is a topic that I really feel passionately about. This is a personal post, and so I will completely understand if you disagree… 

However, I should let it be known right now that the front row, right in the middle, is the best area of the cinema, period. For the record, I’m not referring to the premium seats that are usually directly below the screen. Honestly, those seats are painful to sit in. I’m talking about the first row of standard seats. Here’s why;

  1. Extra legroom. When you choose to sit in these seats, you will quickly notice how much extra space you have over everyone else, because there is a bar in front of you, whereas all the other seats have chairs in front. Not only is this perfect for long films, but it’s great in general as you can access your seats from the middle of the row, or if there is no bar, just by walking to the front. 
  2. Surround sound. When you look around the room from this position, you will quickly realise you are right at the centre of the room, thus the surround sound speakers in the cinema will have the best effect on you. 
  3. Access. Ever been to see a film and realised far too late that it’s 5 hours long and there’s no break? Well when you sit in the front row, you’ll find it quickest and easiest to hop back and forth between the toilet and your seat. This also doubles as useful when the credits start rolling, everyone except the after-credits-scene-watchers will rush to the exit, but you will already be there as you were at the front. 
  4. They’re always free. Mostly everyone hates the front row of a cinema, so if your local picture palace has reserved seating, you are virtually guaranteed to be able to claim the front row. 
  5. Virtual reality. This is my favourite reason for sitting in the front row, especially in the central seats (Preferably the middle seat). If you sit in the front row, you’re at the perfect distance to the projection of the film to lay your head in the headrest. What I mean by this is that if you lean your head back into the headrest, and look at the screen, it almost completely encapsulates your vision, meaning greater immersion in the film (in my opinion). When my entire vision is covered by a movie, it becomes more immersive. In a similar way to how VR makes you feel. Try it! It works! 
  6. Sexual activity. The further towards the front you are, the further away you are from anybody engaging in any sexual activities. You heard me, it happens. People do the dirty in the cinema, but luckily for us in the front, we don’t have to deal with it due to distance. This also applies to my next point..
  7. Throwing. The further forward you are, the less likely someone is going to throw things at you. You know this happens, whether it’s an immature adults handful of popcorn or a toy that came with a child’s meal, in a crowded cinema there will always be a few people throwing things. You can mostly avoid that by sitting at the front. 
  8. Stairs. If you are sitting anywhere apart from the front row, you have to climb stairs. I prefer not to have to climb stairs if possible. It’s also a plus for anybody with a disability, as they would need to sit as close to the front as possible. 

In conclusion, it doesn’t really matter which seats you choose to sit on in the cinema. If you can see why I believe the front seats (specifically the five in the centre) are the best seats, great! If not, keep using whichever seating you love the most, it will only mean that the front seats are available for me!